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Charitable Funds

We are financially strong trust with a history of delivering services with the best rating for governance and financial risk. The Trust’s Charitable Funds enable people to experience things which are not part of core NHS spending. 

Through the generosity of thousands of people over the years, those in our care have benefited from additional resources, enhanced patient care and improved therapeutic environments. They have had the invaluable opportunity of learning new skills, gaining experience in meaningful activities, building new relationships and improving their self-esteem and self-worth. 

The Trust’s Charitable Funds are also used for staff welfare and improving the working and learning environments throughout the Trust. 

These benefits could not be offered without your generosity.  

Our Charitable Funds consist of a main charity and six special purpose charities:

  • Countywide Mental Health Services (Gloucestershire)
  • West Gloucestershire Mental Health Services
  • North Gloucestershire Mental Health Services
  • South Gloucestershire Mental Health Services
  • Children and Young Persons Mental Health Services (Gloucestershire)
  • Herefordshire Mental Health Services Charity

People offering gifts are welcome to suggest how they might wish to see their donation used. However, 2gether NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund only accepts unrestricted donations; that is, gifts which may be used for any of the charitable purposes covered by the funds.

If you wish to know which Charitable Fund relates to which part of the Trust’s services please contact the Trust’s Finance Department on 01452 894000 or email 2gnft.Financial-Accounts-Team@nhs.net.

How do I make a donation?

For guidance on how to make a donation, please read our Guidance to Donors leaflet.

Can I fundraise for the Charitable Fund?

Yes, but we are required by law to have a written agreement with anyone fundraising for us. If you have a fundraising idea, please complete and return the Fundraising Application Form before you start.  

Legacies and Bequests

If you are thinking about offering this type of gift the Trust’s Finance Department are happy to provide advice on how to proceed. Please telephone 01452 894000 to speak to a member of the Finance Department or email 2gnft.Financial-Accounts-Team@nhs.net.

Please note 2gether NHS Foundation Trust will never share the names of donors or fundraisers with anyone or any other organisation.

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