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Gloucestershire Recovery in Psychosis (GRiP)

The Gloucester Recovery in Psychosis team or “GRiP” is an Early Intervention in Psychosis team.

Early Intervention in Psychosis teams are community mental health teams that work with young people aged between 14 and 35 who are at risk of experiencing (at risk mental state or ARMS) or who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis

Typically, Early Intervention teams work in the community and will try to meet with people in a place where they feel most comfortable.

If a person has experienced a psychosis the support they receive from us can last for three to four years. In this time we will help a person to recover from their psychotic episode and reduce the chance of them experiencing further episodes.

If we feel that a person fits into the ARMS criteria we can usually work with them for between three and twelve months. During this time they may be provided with self-help information, or signposted to another more appropriate service to help with their presenting difficulties. Other people deemed ARMS will receive more targeted support from the Early Intervention Service.

Our service is made up of a team of professionals who have a lot of experience of working with people with psychosis. When you are first referred to us you will meet someone from the team who will talk to you and, if you wish, your family about what you have been experiencing.

GRiP has an open referral policy which means that anyone can contact the team to discuss a possible referral. This can be done via phone or in writing.

Ive been referred to GRiP - What happens Next?

Once referred you will be assessed by two members of the team. This usually happens within 10 working days and will take place somewhere you are comfortable. This can be at your home, at any 2gether Trust base, including 44 London Road, or in another mutually convenient place such as a coffee shop. The assessment will allow us to see whether you fit the criteria for the GRiP Team. If you do you will be allocated a care co-ordinator and a care plan will be drawn up.

However, if we believe that you are not suffering from a psychotic episode and are not At Risk Mental State (ARMS), we will refer you to a team more suited to your needs and signpost you to places that may be able to help.

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Contact Us

You can contact the GRiP team on 01452 894178.

Write to:
Gloucestershire Recovery in Psychosis (GRiP)
44 London Road

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