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Making Life Better Campaign

2gether we can overcome the stigma surrounding mental ill–health

The experiences and pressures which we all encounter in everyday life can make us more likely to experience some kind of mental ill–health. The chances are that you may live with or know someone who has a mental illness. In fact 1 in 4 of us experience mental ill health at some point of our life.

The Trust is dedicated to delivering help and support to people throughout Gloucestershire, who are experiencing mental ill–health and provides education to their families and carers.

We offer advice to individuals – those living with mental illness and tackling the stigma associated with mental illness nearly every day of their lives.

In 2009 we held a series of roadshows to promote Social Inclusion, you can view the videos of these events by clicking here.

The Roadshows included:

  • Our Community Moodometer which will help measure the mood of people in each location to measure the county’s mood overall
  • A campaign sofa where people were filmed chatting about a range of relevant topics. Click on the links below to view the videos
  • Interactive boards where people could write down their thoughts and suggestions on how to make life better
  • A large screen showing films about mental health services and social inclusion
  • Information about mental health services throughout Gloucestershire
  • Guidance on how to help someone you know

In total we:

  • Held 17 Gloucestershire-wide events
  • Created 16 short films
  • Filmed 119 people
  • Registered the mood of over 1500 people
  • Recruited 650 new members

2gether we’ll make life better.

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