Staffing Levels

Safe staffing levels

The Trust is committed to publishing core planned staffing numbers against what actually occurs each month.

The Trust Board reviewed and agreed the core planned staffing levels at its meeting in January 2014  (click here for the Board Report). There were also a number of actions that were agreed in progressing the national requirements and these were followed up in full at the Trust Governance Committee in April 2014 (click here for the Governance Report). A Trust Board review on staffing levels was undertaken in September 2014, please click here for the Board paper.

Charlton Lane hospital's care planned staffing levels were reviewed in February 2014 and Oak House in May 2014 in accordance with changing needs on the wards and the changes were approved by Governance Committee.

The monthly papers below outline:

  • National reporting requirements and the latest data in their required format
  • Local exception reporting on a ward by ward basis
  • Explanations for the variance in staffing levels on particular wards
  • Core planned staffing levels on a shift by shift basis.

This information has been scrutinised by the Trust Governance Committee and reported in summary format to the Trust Board.

National reporting of safe staffing levels

From May 2014, we have been required to report in a standardised national format on staffing levels in:

  • Planned total monthly staff hours for qualified nurses and care staff
  • Actual total monthly staff hours for qualified nurses and care staff.

The requirement is for monthly staffing data to be submitted to a national information portal and to be uploaded to NHS Choices by the end of each month.

Exception reporting

The Trust is committed to publishing the exceptions to core planned staffing numbers on each shift.  Five exception reporting categories have been developed and these are outlined each safe staffing level report - if there is no exception then the shift would be fully compliant with the planned staffing levels.

Staff information posters on our wards

Each ward in our hospitals now displays a staff information poster which shows the planned and actual number of staff (registered nurses/midwives and care staff) on each shift that day.  They also show who is in charge of each shift and when the poster was last updated.

Do you have any questions about staffing levels in our hospitals?

If you have any questions about staffing levels in our hospitals, please contact our Director of Quality and Nursing.

The monthly data can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

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